Finally, MINCE started delivery to Agouza.

Jormet Burgers owner Mr. Mourad is quite pissed because by doing that, MINCE are stealing their main (and only) customer Uncle Kamal.

Watch what happens when Mourad confronts Kamal.

MINCE wanted to tell people about their new menu and their new delivery service. What better way to do it than through Hitler...

Mama Nagwa is a 80s and 90s celebrity in Egypt. She loves MINCE and is a regular. So we decided to dub on one of her videos.

Egyptian cows are getting pissed because MINCE burgers are offering jobs to Australian cows.

MINCE Virals

MINCE is a small but awesome gourmet burger joint in Cairo. Handling the entire social media calendar of the brand, I decided to come up with daring videos.

The results were amazing. Without any media spend, the number of fans on Facebook rose from a couple of hundred to 2,000 in a few weeks.

Also, the “Bob’s Burgers” video promoting the MINCE delivery got over 200 likes and 200 shares, an amazing accomplishment for a brand with only 1,400 fans at the time.

MINCE Burgers
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