The corporate world can be ruthless. Last week, 83 employees have been fired and 43 are on probation because they've been sneaking out of their offices in Zamalek to eat at MINCE.

We know the craving can be unbearable so we decided to help you save your job and we are starting our own delivery service on SUNDAY.

To order call 27361156 and ask about our new menu!

MINCE has started serving hot dogs.

But they're not your regular hot dogs.

They're really sexy.

They're American.

We're not saying anything American is sexy but their hot dogs are and we've got them here.

We also think American women are sexy.

Oh, Mila Kunis is originally Ukrainian?

She's a hot dog.

A genuine grilled american hot dog.

That sounds dirty.

100% beef franks.

That doesn't sound dirty but it could be if you're weird.

You don't need to be Kobayashi to be forced to eat as many as you can.

They're just that awesome.

The new MINCE hot dog…

It's the only thing you should be putting in your mouth.


MINCE is a small but awesome gourmet burger joint that is less than a year old.

By coming up with a thorough social media calendar for the Facebook fanpage, we managed to engage all the fans and gain more and more fans everyday.

We linked the page with other social media platforms such as FourSquare and Instagram, making MINCE one of the first brands in Egypt to do so.

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